The very DNA of French Fanfan, which has chosen, since its creation, to be a company with a mission and to unite its clients around its values. Transparency towards our suppliers and all our stakeholders. Design, 100% Made In France manufacturing, raw materials, recycling, CSR… our vision and mission can be consulted, in complete transparency, via our website.


We will show ourselves as we are, willing and committed. Our beliefs are deep and our commitments to women and ethical fashion are sincere and genuine.


As a company with a mission, we wish to commit ourselves to societal and environmental values right from the start. We want to attract and retain our customers with ethical and sustainable fashion, while making women’s luxury accessible to all. Our aim: to unite women so that they commit themselves to our brand, in line with our values.

Customer experience

At the very heart of our raison d’être and our marketing strategy, we want to offer all women a new and innovative customer experience through revolutionary Zero Marketing. At French Fanfan, it is the women who take the floor and co-construct our project through new experiences.


In the service of our commitment and raison d’être to improve, every day, our contribution to accessible luxury while taking care of the planet, we will be in a constant process of innovation.